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Thomas Lee Jackson Jr. (1941-2023)

Thomas Lee Jackson Jr. was born in Parral, Ohio on June 16, 1941 to Thomas L. and Mattie (Golden) Jackson. His mother died when he was two years old and his sister was just a few months old. They were raised by their grandparents Wade and Mittie Dawson Golden in New Philadelphia, Ohio. The family moved to Massillon, Ohio in 1956, and Thom graduated from Washington High School in 1960. He served five years with the United States Airforce. He graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Administration. He was appointed to the Massillon Police Department in 1967, and was later promoted to detective. He was the first Black police officer to retire from the Massillon Police Department. Jackson served on the board of Spring Hill Historic Home and pushed for the focus to be on its place in history as a documented Underground Railroad Site.

According to his obituary, “Thomas Jackson thought of life as an opportunity to explore all of the wonders of the universe, and that learning, and curiosity were the driving forces. Literature and music were of particular importance. He was fond of quoting the writer who said in the end the United States would be remembered for three things, The Constitution, Jazz music, and baseball. During his Life, Thomas Lee Jackson Sr. belonged to and participated in many civic, social and fraternal organizations. He was involved in several work related and professional endeavors. Ultimately, his thoughts and pursuits were for equality without equivocation.”

Photographs and articles about Thom Jackson [ link ]

2022 Interview with Thom Jackson


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