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Poppa's Ring (book)

"Poppa's Ring" follows the story of Bill and Odessa Willis' four grandchildren during one summer visit. Imani finds Willis' 1942 Ohio State University and 1950 NFL championship rings, and ends up losing one as she is dazzled by the diamond center. While searching the house for the lost ring, Odessa tells the children of Bill's football career, his achievements as a National Football League trailblazer, and overcoming obstacles as an African American professional football player during segregation in the late 1940s. "Poppa's Ring" is available for purchase in the OHRegionalities shop at the Massillon Museum.

Author Linda Fleming-Willis has always loved writing. Not a Massillon native, Linda has worked with both children and adults to help them achieve their goals in the private and public sector. She has previously worked with United Way, IBM, and at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine. Linda is a founding member of Chapter One, A Literary Sisterhood, and is listed as a resource for persons interested in starting a book club. She is the recipient of the Blue Chip Award for her contributions to the arts community in Columbus, Ohio. Linda lives with her husband Bill Willis, Jr in Columbus.

Image: Linda Fleming-Willis (right) and her husband Bill Willis Jr. visited the Massillon Museum in 2016 after the release of "Poppa's Ring" and are pictured here in with the life-sized cutouts of Bill Willis and Paul Brown.


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