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Mark Bigsbee

Mark Bigsbee, a social entrepreneur, father, and community advocate, is a board member of multiple Stark County organizations which include the Greater Stark County Urban League, Enrichment of Stark County, PAX Project for Academic Excellence, Stark County Black Caucus, Stark County NAACP – Communication chair, and member of the Stark County Minority Business Association (SCMBA). He is also the co-owner for Total=Media LLC, co-owner and Public Relations Manager for, and partner of Double Take Photography.

Mark has established his reputation in the community as a man of many talents. He is connected in ways that many Stark County residents could benefit from as we grow our local resources. Mark is open for having community development conversations and supporting young talents through their professional journeys.

For your production needs, please reach out to Mark on Facebook at Fun Fact about Mark: “I’m a nerd.”

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