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Lynette Jones

The talent behind L.J. Sweets and Designs is Mrs. Lynette Jones, an entrepreneur and mother located in Massillon, Ohio. Initially, her interest in textile and fashion provided her the opportunity to create garments for clients and to show off her skills in local fashion shows. Lynette Jones began her entrepreneurial journey as a seamstress before transitioning to cake decorating. She is certified in Wilton’s Cake Decorating and continuously studies the latest and greatest techniques. You may see her designs around town for birthdays, weddings, and any special occasion that requires a cake.

“A fun fact about me is l love to greet everyone with a smile because you never know kind of day they are having. I can't sing but, l will try and it makes me laugh.”–Lynette Jones

To order a cake from Lynette Jones, please visit or on Facebook.

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