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LaToya Young

LaToya D. Young was born and raised in Massillon, Ohio. She began her road to education at home with five older siblings and a plethora of cousins, then eventually became the older sister to four foster siblings. Home is where she learned her most valuable and tough lessons. The trajectory of her formal education launched at Franklin and then York Elementary, after which time she became a Longfellow Poet, a Massillon Tiger, and went on to finish as a Falcon from Bowling Green State University. Continuing on to life as we know it today, her education thrives as a mother of two amazing daughters, a traveling Massage Practitioner, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, a member of Sisterhood of Jewels Community Connections, and a member and presenter for Sister's Circle.

When it comes to LaToya's free time she states, "I love to explore my creativity in many forms: painting, journaling, poetry, dancing, attempting to sing (it sounds good to me when I'm in the shower or my car), and yoga. I also enjoy reading and taking nature walks when it's not winter in Ohio. My family plays a huge role in my life and my daughters are at the top of my list of favorite people! They bring me joy in my darkest hours and make my good days even greater...on days where they are a pain in the you-know-what, I quickly remember the latter! They remind me of reasons I want to do better in life."

As a proud member of Sisterhood of Jewels Community Connections, LaToya hopes to use all of her knowledge, passion, and values to bring light to our community and create good memories instead of focusing on daily stressors.


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